Fushimi Inari 伏見稲荷大社

This was our destination for our first afternoon in Kyoto. After lunch, we took the train from Arashiyama to Inari, to visit the Fushimi Inari Taisha.

A very popular destination from Kyoto, this temple is known for the countless bright red torii gates. Personally for me it was also an anime reference that I really wanted to visit.


Inari JR Station


Entrance to Fushimi Inashi Taisha


Entrance of the Shinto temple

Around the area you can find many statues of foxes of all sizes. These foxes are though to be the messengers of the shinto God of rice, to whom the temple is dedicated.

When climbing up there are several paths you can take, but the main trail finishes 233 meters high into Mount Inari.


Stops along the trail to the top


View of Kyoto

There are some small shops and cafés where you can rest up and enjoy the view of Kyoto. Some vending machines can also be found along the trail – Beware that the price for a bottle of water goes up with the climb, so if you are on a budget,  make sure to buy your water at the bottom or even before getting out of the station !


Photos along the trail up and down


Souvenir Shops

On our way back we made sure to stop by the souvenir shops. I brought home with me a little fox. You never know when you might need to send a message to a God!

There’s not much more to say, it’s a wonderful experience that should not be missed by travellers who visit Kyoto.


To get to Fushimi Inari there are two train lines you can take, but the closest to the shrine is Inari station in the JR Nara Line. The trip will take about 5 minutes and will cost you around 2 dollars.

In my opinion, it should be a priority for anyone visiting Kyoto. It’s close to Kyoto, the train is not very expensive and the entrance is free.

Half a day is more than enough to visit the Temple. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon of even an evening. To go up and down Inari it will take you around 2/3 hours depending on how much time you spend relaxing and sightseeing.


What would I do differently

For a different experience I would love to try climbing Fushimi Inari during the evening while the sun sets and comfortably stop for a green tea and cake along the way.

Yes! let’s make this a note to self if I ever go back!

Next Stop…

Next day will be a full one day in Osaka from Kyoto and back!

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