Sendai 仙台

Sendai Mitsui Outlet

With October coming to an end so was Vera’s stay in Japan and during this time, we had a newcomer join us in our travels, our Serbian friend Nevena. Together the three of us had some time to explore places around Sendai.

One of this places was the Sendai Mitsui Outlet, where Vera wanted to buy presents to take back to Portugal. Here we had our first experience with Japanese shopping fastfood.

To get there we took a train from Sendai station through the Senseki line towards Ishinomaki, got off at Nakanosake station and walked a little



Around Nakanosakae station and the Mitsui department store

At lunch we went for some fastfood. I have to say that, what really fascinated me here was that before picking food it’s normal to reserve a table with your belongings. This for 3 Europeans from countries with a reasonable level of petty crimes, was scandalous.

Obviously we didn’t do it. We did the old fashioned, you go first, I keep the table and then I go. The 3 of us had some sad looking yakisoba and reasonably looking donburi with soup. To finish our meal we had ice cream and tea of course.


outletfoodicecream copy

Some uninspiring fast food and Icecream

Ryuho ji temple

On the next day Vera was looking for some temple where she could buy some Japanese Lucky Charms.

Considering the location, the distance we walked and the pictures, we ended up in Ryuho ji temple. However I think we were looking for the bigger Osaki Hachiman temple. This probably explained why we were unsuccessful with our charm hunting.



Ryuho ji temple


I think it was also around this time that we passed by coop for some shopping and we reencountered a friend we met during our bus trip to Kyoto. Kazuyo san is a very kind Japanese mom that we met and that thanks to whom we were able to have some of the most amazing experiences in Japan.


Kitayama station

When we met in Coop she invited us to visit another temple in Sendai for an event. The Shifuku-ji (資福寺) in Kitayama Sendai. This time, unfortunately, without Vera, she had already returned to Portugal around the beginning of November 2013.




Shifuku-ji is near a famous tourist destination in Sendai the Rinnoji (輪王寺), a temple famous for being founded by a member of the Date clan in 1441.


To get to the Outlet mall you can take the Senzan line from Sendai station and after 35 minutes you will get to Nakanosakae Station. After leaving the Station you have to walk just maybe 5 minutes to get there. (Probably not the most interesting thing to read about but who knows who might find it helpful)

Best option to visit the Ryuho ji temple and the Osaki Hachiman temple in Northen Sendai is to take the loople bus from Sendai station, you can find more information here:

To visit the Shifuku-ji in Kitayama you can also take the Senzan train line from Sendai station, but this time in the opposite direction of the outlet mall, towards Yamagata. It should be a 10 minute and 2 dollar journey.


What would I do differently

I’ve said before that I regret not seeing some great touristic spots in Sendai, writing this post and thinking that I never even rode the Sendai loople makes me a little nostalgic.

Also I would have liked to visit the Osaki Hachiman and the Rinnoji temple due to their historical importance to the city of Sendai.



Next Stop …

The next post will be the first long trip with Nevena, we caught a bus to Tsuruoka to visit Haguro san in Yamagata prefecture.

Hope you’ll come back for that, じゃねー

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