Tokyo 東京

Tsukiji is a district of Chūō located between Shinbashi, Ginza and the Sumida Gawa, mostly famous for it wholesale market.

We visited in the morning before our trip to Nikko, thinking of waking up very early to avoid the crowds and then still having a big part of the day for a longer trip away from Tokyo


Wasabi root for sale

The Tsukiji Market is a fish, vegetable and fruits market, perhaps the most famous and one of the most visited spots in Tokyo. It’s Tuna auctions are always shown in movies about Japan. And obviously we were really excited to visit!


Grilled Oyster

As soon as we arrived we understood that navigating the market streets would not be easy! In fact, as I understand this is an extremely busy place already and since Tokyo started to receive many tourists it has become increasingly difficult to work and visit.


Tamago small shop

Still, we pressed on and were able to pass by some small places and buy some green tea for souvenirs and well and some small treats. We tried some grilled oysters, a small shop selling Japanese egg and bought some sushi for the following train trip to Nikko.


Sushi bento from Tsukiji partly eaten already


The best way to reach the market is by taking the Hibiya metro Line and getting off at the Tsukiji station. However if you are a fan of train traveling and are ok with walking, Tsukiji is located somewhat between Shinbashi and Ginza, a 10/15 minute walk.

At the moment there are plans to move the Tsukiji market from its actual location to a new place so that it can properly accommodate all the shops, activities and tourists. However, until then, this is an extremely crowded place and to make everything smoother you should not take bulky luggage with you and it goes without saying that this is a non smoking as well as a non suitable place to take a pet.

If you follow the recommendations and guidelines, Tsukiji can be a very nice place to visit, and especially for buying some fresh foods. Shops here sell traditional food, cooking utensils and other articles such as tea which make extraordinary friend gifts.

Entrance is free and the wholesale area opens at 10:00 am.



View of Tokyo map for this trip
Green for the Yamanote line, Blue for the monorail and Red for our path, a mix of walking, monorail and train.

What would I do differently

I think there is not much to regret here.

We did not see the Tuna auction, but I think that has to be thought of in advance because there is a limit on daily visitors.

I am also very happy that I bought the sushi bento and the Oyster at the market, to me fresh seafood in the morning is always a priority!


Next Stop…

In the afternoon we had our Nikko trip!

Since it counts as a day trip from Tokyo I thought it deserved a proper individual post. I’ll try to publish it if not together, only a couple of days after this one.

Thank you for reading! See you soon! じゃねー!


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