Hiroshima 広島

Hiroshima was an amazing opportunity in my travels in Japan. So much history, such deep feeling and such a mix of different history moments.

We left from Sendai by plane towards Osaka with plans to catch a bus to Hiroshima. After a huge race, when we finally arrived in Hiroshima it was night and there were light snowflakes falling.


River view behind the peace park

On the next morning our first stop was the Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park. We started with the museum, where we found an exhibition not only with information on the exact location where the bomb fell, but also with clothes, objects and videos of the victims which told their experiences and how they and their loved ones had been affected.

Although this can bring a certain seriousness to your travel, I don’t feel this exhibition should be skipped. The people of Hiroshima prepared this museum to make us all understand why we should stay strong against the use of nuclear weapons and we should appreciate this effort.


The Museum


Einstein’s letter about the Atomic Bomb

The museum provides a very strong account on the event for us to enjoy our life and appreciate the life of others. It actually was a good way to start our visit this way we could breath and enjoy the city in a different perspective and respect.

We walked through the rest of the park, passing by the memorial and seeing the iconic A-Bomb Dom, the semi destructed building remaining from the explosion.


Peace Memorial


Peace Park with the Atomic dome

We had lunch in a nearby restaurant called Cafe Ponte. Maybe with interesting origins since ponte is how we Portuguese say bridge. The fact is that this place served an incredibly delicious Oyster spaghetti, that to this day, still occupies my mind. Unfortunately, there were no pictures taken of the spaghetti, however a nice photo of my dessert made its way to the blog.



Dessert at cafe Ponte

From there, we walked to the Castle. Although a post World War II reconstruction, it still retains the same charm as many other castles in Japan.



Castle and view of Hiroshima

These are the last pictures I have of this first day in Hiroshima. We still had one more day in the city but the next day we went to visit Miyajima.


To get to Hiroshima we made a terrible connection with Plane and Bus. Definitely not recommended, but undoubtedly cheaper and fast. In our case, flight from Sendai airport got delayed and then in Osaka we had to catch a taxi to take us to the Willer Express terminal.

Willer Express was the bus company we also chose for our trip to Tokyo and we were very happy with it, I recommend it. Peach airways is the low cost in Japan that can be very convenient, bear in ming that flights can be late so don’t plan a tight schedule like we did.

Anyway, if you have the time, just take the Shinkansen, trips will be included in the JRpass. If you do not have one, trips from Osaka cost around 100 dollars, from Tokyo around 190 dollars. By bus, from Osaka its around 40 dollars and from Tokyo 80 dollars. Try to get a nigh bus if you can, I totally recommend them, usually there are two drivers, that stop frequently making you feel safe during the trip.

In total we spent 1 day traveling there and 2 days in the city to properly walk around and shop. From Hiroshima, there are also other day trips, Miyajima, which is absolutely recommended and Iwakuni and Fukuyama.


In the map I marked all the places we visited this day and other recommendations. I also want to say that the ticket to the peace museum has the symbolic value of 50 yen , not even 50 euro cents, so just go, take in that experience and be respectful.

What would I do differently

I’m pretty happy with this trip, the connection we made in Osaka was pretty bad but it was the best(cheapest) we could get at that time. Would I do it again? Maybe no … but … I don’t regret it.

Great adventure, getting into that taxi and the driver asking us
“shall I go through the highway?”
“why is he asking?”
< Toll value : XXXX yen >
“I see…. ”


Next Stop…

Well the next post will be about our day trip to Miyajima the island of oysters and deers. Looking forward to it.

I decided to split the Hiroshima posts into two so that they  so after Miyajima I will make a small post on the Shukkeien garden and other suggestions for Hiroshima.

Hope everyone is doing well, thank you for reading, have a nice week!



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