Who be it


Hello! I’m Sofia, I am the average person who loves to travel and works a 9 to 6.

My travels started when I was really young. My father’s profession allowed me to see travel as part of life from and early age and as I grew a little bit older, I would get this feeling of future freedom when passing by the airport.

All took a giant step forward when I earned an Internship in a Japanese University. I was able to fulfil a life long dream and from then I would decide to keep traveling as much as I could.

This blog will be a looking back on these moments. I will try to add my planning and leave love advices in order to help you plan your own travels. I hope it will be fun for you to read it as it will be fun for me to write about it and later on revisiting.

At the moment, I’m still revisiting some old travels, but if you wish to keep updated with my current travels make sure to follow me on Instagram as sofiabatistaneves. I’m still new to it cause I’m an old soul but I hope to fill it with juicy goodness this new year.